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FIRECOM’s activities center around four distinct areas:

new construction, retrofit, tenant work and service.

Firecom is the largest fire alarm company in New York City, servicing approximately 813 high rise buildings. Firecom is one of only five companies in the United States to manufacture its own fire life safety system for high rise buildings. Though 95% of Firecom’s business is in New York City, its systems are in the Staples Center Los Angeles, Chicago Tribune Building, Diplomat Hotel Florida, and worldwide. The company’s activities center around four distinct areas: new construction, retrofit, tenant work and service.


New Construction

The company usually bids on new construction projects to electrical contractors since the fire system is often part of the electrical contract. However, there is a growing trend in large projects to have the fire system be a separate contract directly with the General Contractors.



Since many fire systems in existing buildings are over 20 years old, buildings are replacing these systems to take advantage of new technology. In these cases, Firecom will work directly for the building owner and either hire the electrician or the building will separately contract with the electrician.

Tenant Work

When a new tenant occupies a space in a building, as part of the tenant construction, the fire alarm system on that floor is brought up to the latest code. Firecom will be hired by the electrician contracted to do the construction work on the floor to supply the required fire alarm devices, engineering and software to integrate the new work into the base building system.


New York City requires that all fire alarm systems be serviced under NFPA 72 guidelines. Firecom has approximately 813 buildings in New York City that we perform maintenance and repair services for.

Our Mission for Over 60 years

To create a trusting long term relationship between Firecom and our customers by:

1. Being responsive to our customers through open and prompt communication.

2. Making our customers investment in a Firecom system pay off by never obsoleting the product and providing a backward compatible economical path to upgrade to the latest technology.

3. Being flexible, to custom fit our services to our customer’s needs.

Client Testimonials

85 West Street
Marriott International

The Firecom team has been doing an excellent job with the maintenance at the 85 West Street Marriott location.

Sean McMahon, Director of Loss Prevention, Marriott International

420 5th Avenue, 6th Floor
Robert Derector Associates

Thank you for all your help. We almost never get fire alarm vendors who are as responsive and informative as you are. So I really do appreciate all your help.

Kevin Chen, Robert Derector Associates

200 Rector Place
Milford Management

Firecom has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are professional, caring, communicative, and hard working.

Charlie Viera, Director of Operations for Milford Management