Firecom LSN-2000

Please See Our LSN- 2000 Specification

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Firecom’s Unique Qualities


    • Largest Full Color Touch Screen Control Panel Non-PC Based
    • Easy-Page One Button Per Floor Audio Source Select with Color Coded Indicators
    • Firefighter Phone Features Call Confirmation Ring Tone
    • Digital Recording & Playback of Paged & Firefighter Phone Voice Messages
    • New Products are Always Backwards Compatible
    • Full System Mock-Up, Simulation & Testing of Large Scale Projects Prior to Installation

Firecom Provided Value-Engineering as Approved by the Consulting Engineer

Commitment to Field Success


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Large Jobs are Simulated in the Test Lab

Firecom’s LSN-2000


  • Distributed Peer to Peer Network of Intelligent Nodes
  • 2 Tier Architecture:
    • Node to Node with Redundant Path
    • Node to Sensors & Actuators in Class-A Form
  • Analog Addressable Devices
  • Distributed Power & Amplification
  • Supports Intelligent & Hard-Wired Interfacing using Ethernet TCP/IP 5
  • Network, Lonworks, Fiber Optic Links



Command Station Head End


  • Modular EIA19-inc Rail Compatible Modules
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Train
  • NYC Approved Hot Backup Command Stations Allow Alternate Emergency Management Centers
  • Custom Annunciators & Control Panels
  • Fan & Damper Status Display & Override Controls
  • Hazard-Based Display Monitors


Dedication to User Interface


Multiple Fire Command Stations

GCP-70 is the Primary User Interface
for Event Management & System Control

  • GCP-70 – 8.4” Full Color 640×480 Touch Screen
    • System Status Always on Display
    • Operator Log-In Based Control
    • Find Devices Based Upon Description & Location
    • Color Coded Event Acknowledgement
    • Easy to Reach Menus
    • Non-Volatile Event History
  • ACM-32 – Color coded Audio Controls
  • DCM-46 – Rainbow of Colors for Input/Output Status
  • DCM-18 – Synchronized Fan Control
  • FDB-1 –   Dedicated to Groups
  • Plus Warden Management & Paging Stations

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Status Control Panels

ACM-32 & DCM-41 Allows Manual Controls & Status Display

  • Control Outputs
  • Show Fan/Damper Status
  • Select Audio Sources on Entire Floor with Only One Button, Color Represents Source
  • 7 High Intensity Color on ACM
  • 3 Color Status on DCM
  • Color Coded, User Interface Defined Button Labels

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Other Command Station Modules


Assorted Application Specific Modules

  • MAC-201 for Audio Applications
  • NY-100 Fan Purge Enable, Fan Shutdown Reset, Manual Alarm
  • NY-700 Command Station Lock Transfers Control to Hot Standby as Required
  • FS-1 Flashing Fire Sign


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Recording System


  • Firefighter Phone Conversations
  • Conversations at Command Station
  • Captured to Digital Media for Archival
  • Store and Play-Back Later

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