CAB-31 | Enclosure


Product Information

The CAB-31 is a 16 gage steel wall mount equipment enclosure. The CAB-31 contains two MP-1 Mounting Plate footprints. These enclosures are designed for use with all LSN 2000 Fire Command Center components, such as the CP-40 Control Panel, DCM-32 Display Control Module, DCM-40 Display Control Module, SP-40 Strip Printer Module, PS-6A Power Supply, and the OCP-500 Output Connector Panel.

Product Features

  • Wall mount cabinet
  • Available in gray
  • Key lock front door
  • Removable front door
  • Conduits knock outs on all four sides
  • Heavy Duty 16 gage steel
  • Right or left opening front door
  • 2 MP-1 Mounting Plate footprints in CAB-31
  • Vented front door