Maintenance & Monitoring

Ensuring Safe, Compliant Systems

When you need to ensure your systems are up to code and compliant, have an issue, or want to protect your people and property around the clock, our maintenance and monitoring services help protect your organization.

Firecom Experience

We’ve Got You Covered

Throughout the entire lifecycle of your fire systems, we’re committed to helping our customers overcome their problems. At Firecom, we meet your needs and work with you to ensure a safe and compliant system.

Time & Materials

For customers facing a one-off challenge, Firecom offers services on a time & materials basis.


Firecom stands by the solutions it implements, offering our high-quality services to remediate any issues our customers encounter.

Central Station Monitoring

Protecting your property from harm is crucial, and our dedicated team of intervention specialists can help protect against unlawful entry, fire, and intrusion. Our team works around the clock to provide quality, reliable monitoring services to ensure your property is safe.

Test & Inspect

Ensuring your building stays up to code and is compliant with local laws is crucial to protecting your people and property. Our test & inspection services provide peace of mind that your fire and life safety systems are properly functioning and compliant.

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