COB-7 | Coder Board


Product Information

The COB-7 Coder Output Board provides positive, successive noninterfering coded outputs. Three types of outputs are provided; Dry Contact Form ’C’, 24VDC @ 250mA or a 1K Audio signal that can be connected to the distributed or central audio system. A duration relay Dry Contact Form ’C’ is also provided if required. The COB-7 Coder Output Board can generate up to 10,000 possible codes and can buffer up to 100 active codes at any time. Each code can have up to four digits and each digit can pulse up to 10 times. The maximum code is 10101010. The round count is software programmable for Alarm, Supervisory Alarm and Supervisory Normal device states.

Product Features

  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Distributed Intelligent Network Module
  • NonInterfering
  • Code Generation
  • Up To 4 Digit Code Generation
  • 10,000 Possible Codes
  • Echelon ® LonTalk ® Communications
  • Seven Segment Diagnostic LED
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 1/2 Module Footprint
  • All Wiring Power Limited