F1000-886 | Discovery Multisensor Photo/Heat Detector


This product has been discontinued. Please contact us for information on replacements or alternatives.

Product Information

This detector combines inputs from optical and heat sensors and processes them using a sophisticated algorithm. When polled by the control panel it returns an analog count which is determined by combined responses from both optical and heat sensors. The multi-sensor detector is designed to be sensitive to a wide range of fires and may be used in place of an ionization detector in many instances. The multi-sensor can be fitted in place of ionization detectors where these prove to be too sensitive and cause unwanted alarms.

Product Features

Specifications are typical and given at 24V, 23°C and 50% relative humidity unless otherwise specified.
Detector Type: Detection Principle: Chamber Configuration: Supply Wiring: Terminal Functions: Operating Voltage: Quiescent Current: Power-up Surge Current: Maximum Power-up Time: Operating Temperature: Alarm Indicator: Alarm Current, LED illuminated: Remote Output Characteristics: Humidity: Dimensions: Weight: Materials:
F1000-886 Discovery Photoelectric/Heat Multi-sensor Detector Smoke: Photoelectric detection of light scattered by smoke particles. Heat: Temperature sensitive resistance. Horizontal optical bench housing an infra-red emitter and sensor arranged radially to detect forward scattered light. Two wire supply L1 and L2; supply in and out connections R; remote indicator positive connection (internal 2.2KΩ resistance to positive) -R; remote indicator negative connection (internal 2.2KΩ resistance to negative) 17 to 28 VDC 400μA 1mA 10 seconds 0oC to 49oC 2 colourless Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) illuminating red in alarm 3.5mA Connects to positive line through 4.5KΩ (5mA maximum) 0% to 95% relative humidity (no condensation) 4 in x 1.65 in (diameter x height) 3.0 oz. Housing: White polycarbonate V-O rated to UL 94 Terminals: Stainless Steel, nickel plated