F900-MB-6CO | Analog Addressable CO Sounder Base


Product Information

The F900- MB- 6CO Analog Addressable CO Sounder Base is a combination carbon monoxide (CO) detec- tor and sounder base. It is designed to be used as a stand alone device or with the addition of Firecom F900 or F1000 Series analog addressable smoke, heat or mult-sensor detectors. The CO Sounder Base is also designed to allow the detector to fi t one way only, without snagging, with a simple clockwise twist motion. For stand alone CO detection, two blank covers are avail- able, the F900-MB-6COBC-LP for the low profile and the F900-MB-6COBC-HP for the high profile.

Product Features

  • Intelligent Combination CO Detector & Sounder Base
  • Integral Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Integral 85dB Sounder
  • Six Year Field Replaceable Electrochemical CO Senor
  • End of Life Signaling System Indicator
  • Temporal 3 Sound for Smoke Detection
  • Temporal 4 Sound for CO Detection
  • Mounts on 4” Square or Octagonal Box
  • Low Power Consumption