FireWorks Incident Management Platform

Product Information

FireWorks is an incident management command and control platform that comprises hardware, software, and networking components that together provide a powerful and cohesive Mass Notification and Life Safety solution. Sophisticated networking technology allows it to integrate seamlessly with EDWARDS life safety solutions, yet FireWorks remains fully interoperable with third-party equipment, making it ideal for system upgrades or new installations alike.

Product Features

  • Widely listed to prevailing Mass Notification and Life Safety standards
  • Listed for UUKL Graphical FSCS Applications
  • Dynamic event-driven user interface
  • Software-only standalone versions
  • Highly Sensitive Smoke Detector (HSSD) support
  • FW-FAST Automatic System Configuration
  • Email event notification to multiple recipients
  • Password-defined user access and event filtering
  • Use native graphic formats to create event maps
  • Multi-lingual operation
  • Remote real-time WebClient
  • Cybersecurity Hardening