GCP-70 | Control Panel


Product Information

The GCP-70 Graphic Control Panel Module incorporates a 640 x 480 8.4” touchscreen Color LCD. This wide viewing angle, hi-intensity display allows for optimum viewing of display information under various light conditions and angles. The GCP-70 has a maximum capacity of displaying status information for 40,000 points or 256 Nodes. Up to 10 GCP-70 Graphic Control Panel Modules can be networked within a system. Through its password protected menu, the operator can enable or disable devices, floors, groups or nodes. A menu selection is also available to activate devices such as fans or dampers individually or by groups. A device search feature allows the operator to quickly and easily find devices without knowledge of their system code. Once a device is found and displayed, the operator can change sensitivity, view its analog value, activate or disable it. Graphical icons of the device and their status are also displayed.

Product Features

  • 8.4” Touchscreen Color LCD
  • 640 x 480 Pixels
  • Wide Viewing Angle Display
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • 40,000 Point Capacity
  • 256 Nodes
  • 1000 Event History Log
  • Alarms Device Listing
  • Trouble Device Listing
  • Supervisory Device Listing
  • Monitor Device Listing
  • Disable Device Listing
  • Service Mode Feature
  • One Man Walk Test Feature
  • Multiple Password Levels
  • Disable Devices, Groups
  • Activate Devices, Groups
  • 512 Combined Groups of:
    - Control Groups
    - Disable Groups
    - Walk Test Zones
  • Set or Change Detector Sensitivity
  • Echelon® LonTalk® Communications
  • Low Power Consumption
  • No Wiring Required