MON-7 | Monitor Card


Product Information

The MON-7 Monitor Card is required when the LSN 2000 system is confi gured for Style 6 or Style 7 (Class A) Network wiring. The MON-7 is installed in the last ITC-2000, ITC-2001 or DAB-7 Motherboard on the NET B data line riser. The Monitor Card provides supervision for the NET B data line by answering polls from the CP- 40 or GCP-70 Control Panel module on the NET B data line only. The MON-7 contains termination jumpers to terminate the NET B data line and occupies one node address in the system.

Product Features

  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Supervises NET B Data Line Riser
  • No Field Wiring Required
  • Used for Style 6 or 7 (Class A) Network Applications
  • Terminates NET B Data Line