OC-1 | Operator Console


Product Information

The Firecom OC-1 Operator Console along with the RPT-1 Repeater Cabinet and custom designed distributed antenna within the ARCS-2000 Auxiliary Radio Communication System ensures that Firefighters and other First Responders can communicate clearly, allowing more effective and organized emergency response within a building.

Product Features

  • Dedicated Radio Console (DRC)
  • Increases Effectiveness of FDNY Handheld Two-Way Radios Within A Building
  • System Operation via FDNY Two-Way Radios, Panel Mounted Microphone/Speaker, or Telephone Handset
  • NYC Fire Dept. 3 RCNY 511-01 Compliant (In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication System)
  • Supports use of FDNY Tactical High-Rise Duplex Channels 11 and 12
  • Up to 6 OC-1 Operator Consoles Can Be Installed in a System
  • Supervised for Wiring or Component Faults.