RFA-4005-314 | LMR-400 Crimp Tool


Product Information

Crimp Tool W/ RFA-4005-14 In Cardboard Box For Rg213 Rg214 Rg393 Belden 9913 LMR(R)-400 Ultra Flex Wbc-400 Cavity Dimensions: .429 .118 The Coaxial Crimp Tools is constructed from only the highest quality materials. Tools and Testers are part of over 200,000 available RF and Microwave components available to order online. RFA-4005-314 RF Industries CRIMP TOOL W/ RFA-4005-14 IN CARDBOARD BOX products from Field Components can ship worldwide.

Product Features

Specific For LMR400/9913 coax cable. Combo of part number RFA4005-20 and RFA4005-14. You can use other dies on the handle, but this combo is specific for the Popular LMR400/9913/CNT400 Coax Cables. It will crimp the Ferrule on RG213, RG8, RG214 Coax Cables, but not the center pin. (Ferrule Only).