ROUT-1 | Network Router Board


Product Information

The ROUT-1 Network Router Board is used to provide Style 6 or Style 7 Network Riser wiring in the LSN 2000 system. It mounts in the Fire Command Center enclosure. The NET A and NET B Network Risers lines are wired to the ROUT-1 Network Router Card instead of the OCP-500 Output Connector Panel. All wiring to the ROUT-1 is supervised and power limited. The ROUT-1 can drive up to 64 nodes. Additional Network Router Boards can be installed in a system if more than 64 nodes are used. Additional ROUT-1 boards will then act as repeaters.

Product Features

  • Data Riser Termination Board for
  • Style 6 or Style 7 Wiring
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Echelon® LonTalk® Communications
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 1/2 Module Footprint