SAM-2 | Supervised Antenna Module


Product Information

The SAM-2 Supervised Antenna Module is an intelligent addressable device that it supervised by a Bravelink BBAS-1 Antenna Supervision Module. The BBAS-1 provides a Signaling Line Circuit that is electrically combined with the radio frequency signals delivered to each antenna in a building’s Distributed Antenna System. Up to 125 SAM-2 devices can be monitored by a single BBAS-1. The SLC communication signal passes through all coaxial wiring and signal splitting equipment and thus also monitors all passive equipment for integrity.

Product Features

  • Adds Supervision Functions To Standard Antennas, Creating a Supervised Life Safety Antenna
  • Facilitates the Integrity Monitoring of All Coaxial Infrastructure and Passive Devices
  • Addressable by BBAS-1
  • Polling Status LED