TP-40 | Thermal Printer Module


Product Information

The TP-40 Thermal Printer Module is a thermal printer that prints all system events. Alarms are printed in white with a black background and all other system events are printed in black. The TP-40 mounts in the Fire Command Center enclosure and communicates with the CP-40. The Thermal Printer Module occupies one 1/2 panel space. The Thermal Printer Module is capable of printing 40 characters per line and uses thermal paper. A paper out sensor is also incorporated in the TP-40 to prevent printing when there is no paper. The front panel Paper Advance switch allows the operator to feed the paper out for easy viewing.

Product Features

  • Thermal Printer
  • 40 Characters Per Line
  • Prints Alarms in White w/ Black Background
  • Prints All Other Events in Black
  • Uses Thermal Paper
  • Paper Advance Switch
  • Out of Paper Indication
  • Low Power Consumption