ALT-7 | Analog Loop/Tel Module


Product Information

The ALT­-7 Analog Loop and Telephone Module combine one analog addressable Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) and four Firefighter/Warden Telephone circuits. The SLC communicates with smoke detectors and other input and output modules over a twisted­pair wire. The SLC wiring can be configured as Style 4 (Class B) or Style 6 (Class A).

Product Features

    • Microprocessor Controlled
    • Low Power Consumption
    • All Wiring Power Limited
    • Space Saving Design
    • Analog Addressable Signaling Line Circuit (SLC)
      • 126 Analog Addressable Devices
      • Style 4 or Style 6 SLC Wiring
      • Smoke Detector Alarm Verification
      • 4 Levels of Sensitivity
    • Firefighter/Warden Telephone Circuits
      • Style Y or Style Z Telephone Circuits
      • Supports 2­Wire Warden Phones & Jacks
      • Active Zone Indicators