AMB-8 | Annunciator Monitor Board


Product Information

The AMB-8 Annunciator Monitor Board allows for the manual control and override of eight fan, damper or smoke control zones. Each zone has outputs for four LEDs (On/Open, Auto/Normal, Off/Closed & Trouble) and two inputs (On/Open & Off/Closed) for the positive status of the displayed device. The AMB-8 is UL Listed for controlling fans, dampers or smoke control zones. Other devices can also be controlled by the AMB-8 such as doors requiring manual override capability.

Product Features

  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • UL Listed for Smoke Control (UUKL)
  • Contains 8 Switch/Indicator Groups
  • Controls up to 8 Fans or Dampers
  • Controlled by the ACB-64
  • Compatible with Kirkland FSCS Panels
  • Each group has 4 separate LEDs Outputs
  • (On/Open, Off/Closed, Auto/Normal, Trouble)
  • Each group has a three position Switch Input
  • (On/Open, Off/Closed, Auto/Normal)