AOB-716 | Annunciator Output Board


Product Information

The AOB-716 Annunciator Output Board provides 16 programmable open-collector outputs. Each output is rated at 24VDC @ 125mA. Each output can be programmed to indicate the status of a device or programmed to turn on upon I/O logic within the LSN 2000 system. All outputs are connected to a wire wrap pin header and a terminal block. Each output has a 1.2K current limiting resistor for driving LED’s. 16 Shunt jumpers are provided to bypass the resistor.

Product Features

  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • 16 Open Collector Outputs
  • Terminals or Wire Wrap Pins Outputs
  • Current Limiting Shunt Jumpers
  • Controlled by the ACB-728
  • Drives LED Annunciator Displays