AMT-7 | Audio/Monitor/Tone Module


Product Information

The AMT­-7 Audio, Monitor, and Tone Generator Card is installed in the DAB­-7 Motherboard of the DAN­-7. The AMT­-7 supervises all the power supplies and batteries that may be connected to the DAB­-7. The AMT­-7 monitors all riser connections, allowing Style 4, Style 6, and Style 7 operation of the analog microphone riser as well as the analog telephone riser. With the addition of the optional DVC­-7 Digital Voice Card, a Style 4 or Style 6 digital microphone riser maybe used.

Product Features

    • Microprocessor Controlled
    • Supervises all Power Supplies Connected to DAN­7
    • Supervises all Risers
    • Supports Style 4, Style 6 and Style 7 Analog Audio Risers
    • Optional Style 4 and Style 7 Digital Microphone Risers
    • Ground Fault Detection and Location
    • Degrade Mode Indicator
    • 3 Simultaneous Annunciatory Tone Generators
    • Optional Digital Prerecorded Message Playback
    • Motherboard Prewired for all Options