BBAS-1 | Antenna Supervision Module


Product Information

The BBAS-1 Antenna Monitor is an option card to the BBCPU-1 Central Processing Unit of a Bravelink Monitoring Cabinet. The BBAS-1 provides a Signaling Line Circuit that is electrically combined with the radio frequency signals delivered to each antenna in a building’s Distributed Antenna System. Up to 125 Supervised Life Safety Antennas can be monitored by a single BBAS-1. The SLC communication signal passes through all coaxial wiring and signal splitting equipment and thus also monitors all passive equipment for integrity. Antenna supervision status is reported to the BBCPU-1 and is displayed on the BBGUI-1 Graphical User Interface. This allows location information pertaining to antennas that have failed to be presented to Firefighter personnel so that they can assess locations in the building that could be lacking appropriate RF coverage, possibly inhibiting communication capabilities of wireless radio devices.

Product Features

  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Supervises 125 Supervised Life Safety Antennas
  • Monitors all Passive Coaxial Interconnect Devices for Integrity
  • Power Limited Wiring
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Convenient DIN-Rail Mounting