MAC-201 | Multi-Audio Control Module


Product Information

The MAC-201 Multi-Audio Control Panel provides paging and two-way firefighters telephone communication in the LSN 2000 system. The MAC-201 contains a microphone, telephone handset, and five programmable audio membrane switches for ALL PAGE, STAIR PAGE, WARDEN PAGE, EVAC TONE, and INQUIRY TONE.

Product Features

  • Communication Handset with Hook Switch
  • Paging Microphone with Talk Switch
  • One Touch ALL CALL PAGE Button
  • One Touch ALL STAIR Page Button
  • One Touch EVACUATION Alert Tone Button
  • One Touch INQUIRY Alert Tone Button
  • One Touch Firefighters/Warden PAGE Button
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 1 Module Footprint
  • No Wiring Power Limited