D3-A21N | Power Divider/Combiner 3-Way


Product Information

R&D Microwaves 2, 3, and 4 way Power Dividers are designed to evenly split high power cellular signals with minimal reflections or loss. Rugged construction and excellent performance from 376-2700 MHz makes it ideal for in-building systems. Each model meets an IP65 enivronment rating. With no solder joints and air dielectric, the loss has been minimized and reliability enhanced.

Product Features

  • Frequency Range: 380 - 2700 MHz, All Ports pass D.C.
  • PIM (2x43 dBm Carrier): 160 dBc
  • Minimum Isolation (dB): N/A
  • Max Input Power, as a divider: 300 Watts, with 3:1 Max Load VSWR all ports
  • Temperature: -20 to 70 0C
  • Finish: Triplate Connectors, Clear Iridite Body
  • Environment: IP65