Series RSS Strobes and Strobe Plates

Product Information

The Firecom Series RSS Strobe Appliances and Series RSSP Strobe Plates have lower current draw while maintaining outstanding performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness. These versatile appliances will satisfy virtually all requirements for indoor, wall or ceiling mount applications.

Product Features

  • Approvals include: UL Standard 1971, New York City (MEA), California State Fire Marshal (CSFM), Factory Mutual (FM), and Chicago (BFP) See approvals by model in Specifications and Ordering Information
  • ADA/NFPA/UFC/ANSI compliant. Meets OSHA 29 Part 1910.165 Wall mount Multi-Candela models are available with Field Selectable Candela Settings of 15/30/ 75/110cd or 135/185cd. Single Candela models are available in 1575cd
  • Ceiling mount Multi-Candela models are available with field selectable candela settings of 15/30/75/95cd or 115/177cd. (Square)
  • Strobes produce 1 flash per second over the regulated voltage range 12 and 24 VDC models with wide UL “Regulated Voltage” using filtered (DC) or unfiltered VRMS input voltage
  • Synchronize using the Firecom sync modules or panels with built-in Firecom Sync Protocol
  • Fast installation