UD-A11-10N | Tapper 10:1 10dB DC Pass


Product Information

R&D Microwaves Unequal Power Dividers (re-active splitters) utilize a unique airline distributed capacitor construction that provides the lowest insertion loss, input VSWR, high power, and exceptional low PIM performance. The UD series are available in 1 dB coupling value increments up to 13 dB, providing split ratios from 2:1 up to 19:1. The units are provided with high torque connectors that are ange mounted to the housing chasis with O-rings for sealing for a robust and reliable connection. Mounting brackets and screws are supplied for easy wall mounting applications. All units achieve an IP67 environmental rating and are 100% tested to assure PIM spec compliance.

Product Features

  • Frequency Range: 380 - 520 MHz (per table)
  • Maximum Input Power: 300 Watts Avg., 3kW Peak, any port
  • Ohmic/Dissapative Insertion Loss: 0.17 dB (4.8%)
  • PIM: 160 dBc Max
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Connectors: Flange mount Type-high mating torque Female standard, Male available, any combination
  • DC Continuity: J1 ↔ J3
  • Material and Finish: Aluminum 6061, non-machined raw extruded mill FInish, clear iridate
  • Environmental: IP67, Approved for outdoor use
  • Weight: 6 Oz Type N, 8 Oz Din
  • Mounting: Tapped holes-Bracket and screws supplied