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The Pavion Difference

It’s been well-documented that for workers of all ages, but for younger ones in particular, the pandemic has sparked a reevaluation of how they want to spend their time, with approximately 83 percent of employees saying they are looking for meaning and fulfillment in their day-to-day work.

It’s not a new situation. Even pre-Covid, job fulfillment and meaning, work/life balance, personal growth and a sense of purpose and belonging were moving to the forefront of employee concerns. But the last three years have accelerated these issues, causing an exodus of disenfranchised workers and worrisome labor shortages.

This has made it tough on employers who struggle to fill vacancies and keep their operations moving forward and viable. It’s been rough for consumers as well, who have had to endure less-than-optimal service and outcomes that fall short of needs and expectations.

It’s been an immense frustration for everyone. When employees leave, they take with them the knowledge and expertise they acquired on the job. Consequently, for employers it’s not just a matter of finding bodies to fill the vacancies, it’s replacing all the skills that left with those employees. This not only requires much time, effort and expense in terms of recruiting, but in training as well. In the meantime, the customer experience can’t help but suffer until the new arrivals get up to speed.

Fortunately, Pavion has been able to avoid such complications through a long-established, firmly entrenched culture that has supported employee engagement and fostered a sense of community from the very start. We have achieved this through communication strategies that not only keep everyone informed as to the organization’s goals and progress, but ones that also make each person feel part of a greater whole.

At the same time, we emphasize the importance of their individual contributions, encouraging growth by creating an environment where people are not afraid to make mistakes, to tackle new projects and expand skill sets. And as our company has grown, opportunities for advancement have multiplied as well, providing a vehicle for those who do want to move forward.

We also recognize the value of showing appreciation, of saying “thanks,” and we try to be flexible, working with people based on their situations. All of this has resulted in an extremely stable workforce—even during Covid—that has enabled us to consistently achieve outstanding deliverables. And although our staff is extremely diverse, every one of our employees is driven by the same singular vision and purpose: connecting to and protecting our customers. This is the Pavion difference. We invite you to learn more about how we can make a difference to your organization.

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