F900-821 | Input/Output Module


Product Information

The F900-821 Input-Output Module is an addressable device that provides a Style “B” (Class B) or Style “D” (Class A) initiating device circuit to monitor dry contact initiating devices. The module’s output provides a Form “C” dry contact for control or override functions. The module features a LED status indicator that blinks during communication. The LED can be programmed to come on steady when the initiating device circuit goes into alarm or the output is activated.

Product Features

  • Analog Addressable Module
  • Style “B” or Style “D” Initiating Device Circuit
  • Monitors Alarm or Supervisory Device Contacts
  • 1 Form “C” Dry Contact
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Mounts in 4” Square Electrical Box
  • Dip Switch Address Setting