F900-830 | Mini Priority Monitor Module


Product Information

The F900-830 Mini-Priority Switch Monitor Module is an addressable device that provides a Style “B” (Class B) or Style “D” (Class A) initiating device circuit to monitor dry contact initiating devices. The Mini-Priority Switch Monitor Module features a LED status indicator that blinks during communication. The LED can be programmed to come on steadily when the initiating device circuit goes into alarm. The Mini-Priority Switch Monitor Module utilizes the Firecom communication interrupt protocol to provide faster response for selected high priority devices.

Product Features

  • Analog Addressable Module
  • Style “B” or Style “D” Initiating Device Circuit
  • Monitors Alarm or Supervisory Device Contacts ? LED Status Indicator
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Mounts in 4” Square Electrical Box
  • Dip Switch Address Setting
  • Priority Interrupt for Faster Response Time on Priority Module