RA-41 | Remote Annunciator


Product Information

The RA­-41/41P Remote Annunciator provides system status information in the LSN 2000 system. The RA­-41/41P is a node on the network and can be config­ ured to monitor and annunciate either a portion of the entire system. System status changes are annunciated by means of the 80 characters (2x40 line) alphanu­meric fluorescent display and an audible electronic piezo device.

Product Features

  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • 40,000 Point Capacity
  • Alarm, Trouble & Supervisory LEDs
  • Remote System Reset Switch
  • Remote Alarm Silence Switch
  • Remote Acknowledge Switch
  • Enable/Disable Key Switch
  • Displays Last 5 Events
  • Echelon® LonTalk ® Communications
  • Wide Viewing Angle Blue Fluorescent Display
  • 80 Characters
  • Low Power Consumption
  • RA­-41 occupies 1/2 Module Footprint