ALM-200 | Analog Loop Module


Product Information

The ALM200 Analog Loop Module is a single loop module communicating with up to 126 analog addressable devices. The ALM200 communicates to smoke detectors and modules over twisted pair wires. Programming allows for Style 4 or Style 6 Signal Line wiring. Any combination of detectors or modules can be mixed on the loop. Each detector is independently configured to incorporate an alarm verification feature. This feature reduces the number of “unwanted alarms”. The program also allows each detector to have different sensitivity settings based on events such as the Time of Day or Day of Week. Manual override of sensitivity settings to any of the four levels is also provided. The ALM200 Analog Loop Module occupies one node address in the LSN 2000 system and communicates over the riser network wires to the Fire Command Center (FCC).

Product Features

  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • 126 Analog Addressable Devices
  • Style 4 or Style 6 Signaling Line
  • Smoke Detector Alarm Verification
  • 4 Levels of Sensitivity
  • Echelon ® LonTalk ® Communications
  • Seven Segment Diagnostic LED
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 1/2 Module Footprint
  • All Wiring Power Limited