F900-941 | Dual Action Manual Station


This product has been discontinued. Please contact us for information on replacements or alternatives.

Product Information

The F900-­940, ­941, ­942 are high-quality, die-cast metal Addressable Fire Alarm Pull Stations. These manual stations communicate to Firecom Model ALB­-1/ALB­-2 Analog Addressable Boards or ALM­-100/ ALM­-200 Analog Addressable Modules. The F900­-940 is a single-action pull station and the F900-­942 is a single action pull station with a diagonal white stripe from left to right. The F900­-941 is a dual-action pull station. A backplate with a diagonal white stripe can be mounted behind the F900­-940 series manual stations if required. All models in the series have been tested for compliance with the latest requirements of the Ameri­cans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Product Features

  • Approved for ADA
  • Single or dual action
  • Mounts on single gang box
  • High gloss red enamel finish
  • Low Power Consumption