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As a leading provider of fire alarms, we offer end-to-end solutions from installation to servicing, ensuring compliance with all insurance, regulatory, and municipal fire code standards. Enhance your property protection with our advanced systems, including integrated public address capabilities for a comprehensive life safety solution.

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The LSN 2000 Fire Command Center

The LSN 2000 Fire Command Center has been designed specifically to meet the demanding criteria of national code-specifying agencies, such as UL, NFPA, NYC Fire Dept., BOCA, and HUD, as well as other stringent new fire regulations of major municipalities. The LSN 2000 utilizes a networked configuration with addressability, making it cost effective for buildings of any size.

Powerful, Extendable System

The LSN 2000 is designed to permit customer’s specifications and software programs that control energy management, security access, speaker selection and fan control.

Modular Design

New modules can easily added or networked together. The LSN 2000 includes logic circuitry to expand the the fire command center, extending functionality or displaying additional information.

Multiple Enclosure Options

The LSN 2000 supports both desktop and wall enclosures, available in a variety of sizes to best fit your space and technical requirements. Browse enclosures

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